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Recycle, Reuse!

Have you heard of the phrase “There is gold in the trash?” or “There is money in trash?” This is so true. We found out recently from a “recycle guy” that there is really money in the trash. But for him, it is just an icing on the cake. He wanted to help the environment, and recycling is the best way he knows how. He only started collecting and buying trashes and garbage in a few plastic bags from a few establishments then sell them. It grew big and now he has his own dump track to collect more garbage from more companies and establishments. His dump track brings the trash collected to his own recycling plant. There are different categories by which you can segregate your trash.

  1. White Paper
  2. Waste – this includes telephone directories, brown paper
  3. Tin cans
  4. Soda cans
  5. Plastic bottles
  6. Plastic Shampoo containers
  7. Sibak – this includes plastic lid and ring
  8. Cartons
Remember, the prices increase the cleaner they are.  And take note that they buy in kilos so the more, the heavier, right? LOL! Yes, you need to work on it from segregating to cleaning to packing and so on.  This is also going to change your lifestyle – for the better. This way, you can have extra income while you help save our environment. Only benefits for you and your love ones. I together with our community are having a “recycle drive” weekly. A little trash from an individual and a little from another adds up, so this is not impossible to do.  I will never look at trash the same way again!