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Justice For Jose Luis Gonzalez

Do you hate corruption? Do you recognize how grave it has been affecting our lives? You'll never know until it happens to you. Yes. It happened to me. I am speaking in the first person here because I am making this battle against corruption and injustice my own since I am a part of Lifeline Foundation.  Since 2002, Lifeline has only endeavored to uplift people's lives in the areas of medicine, education, empowerment and other areas as well.  For the last two years,  Lifeline has been greatly affected by the corruption and injustice waged towards one of its directors Jose Luis Gonzalez.  We are not afraid to expose the wicked people behind such malicious and unscrupulous doings. 

We are standing up against corruption and injustice! We are making our voices heard!  Join us in our cause! Sign the petition

Lifeline Mangyan Medical Mission

Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. headed by its Directors Jose Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt,  are going back to Barangay Udalo Abra de Ilog Occidental Mindoro to provide medical and dental care services to 500 mangyans on December 3, 2010. This is the 8th Medical Mission of Lifeline Foundation for this year. There are only 60 volunteers needed to carry out this mission so sign up as soon as you can to get a slot. Transportation fee is P1,000 for bus and boat ride. 

Visit our website for more details. 

Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization based in Manila. 

Source: Lifeline Foundation/facebook

This Is Who We Are!

It was in July 2007 when I met a small church in Paranaque with Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt as leaders. In this church I met people from all walks of life - artists, teachers, engineers, musicians, doctors, nurses, plain housewives, architects, accountants, tattooed, singles, marrieds, children, teenagers -- and yet have one thing in common in their lives - JESUS! Bright. Light. Real. Conspicuous. Raw. True. Life. Passionate. Organic. Worshipper. Flawed. Jesus-Person. Saved. I was drawn to Jesus through them and got saved. This is my family. We live each day knowing this: Salvation is not about making mistakes or messing up rather, it is about how fast you get up from that mess and move forward. Oh, Thank You Father! This has kept my salvation so real through the years!  

We know our purpose is to glorify God. To glorify Him by taking part in the fulfillment of His great redemptive plan.  This includes making sure that His promises are being fulfilled in each of our lives. We recognize that there is so much more to our relationship as a family. God has called us to a higher purpose which is to bring people to Salvation, Healing Deliverance.  And we know that it is only to the extent that God's word  live in us that we are able to bring Him to remembrance of His word and have it perform in our lives.  We are doers. And this is what we live for: Faith. Love. Purpose. Mission. Truth. Action. Change. 

Why Do Roses Have Thorns?

Gabby asked me one time while we were driving back home from school why roses have thorns. I honestly told her I don't know the answer, but I will look it up then will get back to her. 

I found out that roses have thorns for protective function -- to protect itself from predators or animals seeking out sweet tasting plants. Roses grew originally in areas that had large numbers of herbivores or plant eating animals such as cows and rabbits. Rose foliage and flowers are sweet tasting that explains why it was an instant target. With thorns, they were likely to be eaten and therefore survived and reproduced. The sweetest smelling roses have the worst thorns.

Wow! Isn't it amazing? God's love and wisdom transcend all understanding. It is reflected in His creations. He takes care of His own. I am His creation. I am a reflection of His love and wisdom. He created the rose and intended it to be with thorns to protect itself from impending danger. If God takes care of the rose He will  definitely take care of me! Thank You Father!

The Lamplighter

The Lamplighter 
by Robert Louis Stevenson

My tea is nearly ready and the sun has left the sky.

It's time to take the window to see Leerie going by;

For every night at teatime and before you take your seat,
With lantern and with ladder he comes posting up the street.

Now Tom would be a driver and Maria go to sea,

And my papa's a banker and as rich as he can be;
But I, when I am stronger and can choose what I'm to do,
  O Leerie, I'll go round at night and light the lamps with you!

           For we are very lucky, with a lamp before the door,
            And Leerie stops to light it as he lights so many more;
               And oh! before you hurry by with ladder and with light;
               O Leerie, see a little child and nod to him to-night! 

Gabby was one of the winners in the 2nd Grade Poetry Recitation Contest in school.  The winners were announced this morning. Halle got the second place, and its a tie between Gabby and Leila for first place. This is not the first time these two won in a Poetry Contest, it's their third time! Yahoo! Each winner received a ribbon, a rose and a surprise gift from Teacher Beatrice. What a great way to start the day! Congratulations dear! Mom is so proud of you!  


Lifeline Parenting Empowerment Seminar

Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc is holding another Parenting Empowerment Seminar 
October 26, 2010, 7:30 pm, Lifeline Headquarters #86 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque City. 
You may call 836.2514 for more inquiries or you may log on to their website to sign up!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 
Have a regular check up with your OB GYNE.
Mammography Screening and Self-Examination a must.
Choose healthy eating.
Exercise regularly.

Standing in Faith

With Migs
Just came from a hospital to visit a very good friend whose 10 year old son, Migs was diagnosed with Rhabdoid Tumor in the urinary bladder in 2009 and have undergone surgeries and several chemotherapy. It is a rare and highly malignant tumor of childhood and considered an aggressive variant of Wilm's tumor of the kidney where it was first found in. But over time, it has also been found outside the kidney (brains, lungs, abdominal area, etc.) These tumors occur in young children with a range of 2 to 13 years, no reported cases in adults so far. Due to the aggressiveness of these tumors, the duration of symptoms before coming to medical attention is relatively short. The treatment for patients with rhabdoid tumor consists of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 

My friend's son was rushed to the hospital 4 days ago due to terrible pain around the pelvic. Prior to this, his PET/CT Scan showed that the size of the tumor has increased from 5.2 cm to 9.1 cm (in diameters) and some tumors were detected to have spread out at the walls of his bladder. Because of the size and location of the tumors, his doctors assessment is to remove the whole urinary bladder. However, he also recommended another chemotherapy to shrink the tumor first then re-evaluation for surgery will be done at a later time.

It was strengthening to see my friend and Migs standing in faith. They believe in God's healing and they are claiming it everyday. Before I left, she mentioned 40% is the survival rate of children with rhabdoid tumor. As I was leaving, what she mentioned kept on resounding on my mind. "40% is a thin chance of survival." I told myself.  I looked up, then I had to tell myself again,  "40% is all we need then! God will take care of the rest! " Then there was peace in my heart and in my soul. 

Timing is Everything

I know that this information is worth sharing with the world:

Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the Human Body

  2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water  30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion

1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure

                    1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack

PPP Approval

I submitted this blog to PPP for approval. Like my other two blogs : A Place Of Being and Wonderful Thoughts Online, Soapbox is a blog that will offer its readers information, new perspectives, advocacy, fresh ideas and good finds! I actually stopped writing for the past months, got busy with other business ventures. But I am back and I am writing again as I've missed it so much. It was hard at first but I am gaining momentum and for sure I'll get the hang of it in a few more days. I have to visit my blogger friends regularly again, do as many entries as I can, check for assignments diligently and get back the discipline.  Time management is very important if you are a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), as a lot of distractions, errands to do, chores to attend to, could get in the way and keep you from getting online. 

A fine collection of billingsgates in a glass fronted display box is a phrase from PPP that I have to include in one of my posts to prove that I own this blog hence, a mention of that phrase here (lol!).  I hope this gets approved. See you all!


(a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech (often about a political subject).
The term originates from when speakers would stand on a wooden box meant for holding soap.
A modern form of soapbox is a blog: a website on which a user publishes one's thoughts to whoever reads the page).

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Every parent and school must have known Eric Carlethrough his wonderful children’s books! His number 1 work of art in 1969 – “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is the most popular book he has written. Very colorful and artistically written and created, every child is drawn to it!  This book has been translated to more than 45 languages and over 25 million copies sold.
His art work is created in collage technique, using hand-painted papers which he cuts and layers to form bright and cheerful images. As an added dimension, many of his books also has die-cut pages giving them a playful quality – a toy that can be read, a book that can be touched. The themes of his stories are usually drawn from his knowledge and love of nature, which is also shared by most small children. His books also offer the child the opportunity to learn something about the world around them. Learning, stimulating, creative and fun experiences for very young children. 
“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is one of Gabby’s favorites. The story not only follows the very hungry caterpillar as it grows from egg to cocoon to beautiful butterfly, but also teaches the days of the week, counting, good nutrition and more. Very interactive fun! Some of Gabby’s collection of his works include“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” , “Pancakes, Pancakes”, “The Tiny Seed”, “Do Kangaroos Have Mothers Too?” and “From Head To Toe”. Each month, I bring her to a bookstore and let her choose a book that we will read for D.E.A.R. (it’s our Drop Everything And Read day!). It’s smart to surround them with books to read!

Sarah The Bear!

Gabby at 5 with her favorite teddy bear Sarah. Sarah was a gift from her best friend Leila on her birthday. I  have somehow missed to post this picture. I was cleaning a picture folder in my phone and found this. Sarah looked younger here as well (LOL!). Gabby is now 7, and still loving Sarah.

October is International Animal Month



October is International Animal Month.  Animal life in all its shape and form are remembered at this time all over the world.  In line with this, to celebrate our own furry friends, Filinvest CorporationAnimal House Veterinary ClinicsLifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. Animal Welfare  and Westgate Center have joined together to host two major activities at Westgate Center, Filinvest, namely:
FUN WALK WITH MY BFF - It will be a  500 m, 1k and 1.5k walk for  a cause for dogs with their owners  at 5:30 am on October 3, meeting place at the parking lot behind THE SERENITY PLACE, Westgate Center.  A pet blessing will be held afterwards.  The aim of this activity is to raise funds for future activities of Lifeline Foundation Animal Welfare, including neutering/spaying of rescued dogs and cats at different depressed communities.  You can check Lifeline's website at, or register in this link: click here.

 - will be held on October 10, 3:00 pm onwards at the Westgate Center cul-de-sac and there will be different activities for both pet owners and pets to participate in.  There will also be a cat photo contest on this day.
It is the vision of Filinvest Corporation, Animal House Veterinary Clinics and Lifeline Foundation Animal Welfare for the Filipino people to have a change of mindset  and develop a high regard for animals, especially dogs and cats in this nation.  We live in a society where there is an unnecessary fear released towards cats and dogs, and where cruelty towards them is tolerated .  We hope the more we express kindness and proper care to animals, this will also increase our sense of care and responsibility as Filipino citizens to our environment.

Register now at ineedalifeline.orgClick Here!
See you there!
Animal Welfare
Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.

Not yet a full-pledged Lifeline volunteer (and you know you want to be), sign up by following this link: SIGN UP HERE!
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Thankful I'm Alive!

I am thankful to God I am alive! Thankful for the air that I breathe, the sun to light my days, the moon to light my evenings, the stars to remind me how tiny I am and how big the universe is, the sky above me to protect me from whatever is beyond it. All these prove God's imminence, wisdom and majesty. His hugeness in His creations. And yet He is mindful of ME, the small ME. That no matter what happens, He is right there for me, taking me by the hand, a rescue, always on time! Who am I that you are mindful of me, Lord? Thank you for choosing to love me unconditionally! 

Isaiah 54:10 Amp - For though the mountains should depart and the hills be shaken or removed, yet my love and kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall my covenant of peace and completeness be removed..."    

The Very Busy Spider

Loving every book of Eric Carle, the story of  The Very Busy Spider is as great a classic as the first book by Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The illustration superb as always, the book is interactive and touchable, appealing to a child's sense of touch, seeing, and hearing. The elements such as strands of web are embossed on the pages catching the essence and actual feel of it along with the spider and other animals in the story. This book is all about a purpose driven, diligent, hardworking and responsible spider - a good model to build positive character traits in our children. It can also be a fun addition to your bedtime books basket. Get one now!

Get Over Yourself!

I am only thankful to God for the life he has given me. Life that is full of His love, mercies and grace. I got to know Jesus in 2004 but I only came to know Him "personally" in 2007. He stood up for me, on that cross, when nobody else would...nobody else could. He gave up His life for me, unworthy of His love, yet embraced me wholly, as I am. As a personal debt, I ought to walk like Him. How? Just by THANKING Him. Not forgetting what He has done for me to be this FREE. Knowing life is NOT about me, or you. It's all about HIM! So today, I am telling myself - "Geng! Get over yourself! Look up! He is ALL you need!"

Smart Bro, My Bro!

I am happy with my Smart Bro connection at home. It has always been reliable and dependable. There was  almost no downtime nor service interruption ever since the service was installed. It has made internet surfing, file downloading and blogging at home easy and efficient.  I should say that this service provider puts customer service in the forefront of their business, to which I'm thankful for. They also have an online account portal where customers can view, request and print their bills. 

This is not a paid advertisement. I'm just sharing with you a very good product that you might find useful for you as well. For a blogger like me, finding a very efficient and affordable internet connection is a gold mine. Love it!

The Message Bible

Gabby was happy when she got her first bible.  I bought her "The Message Bible." She's been wanting to have her own bible which she can use in her bible class. I also bought markers for her so she can highlight and mark her favorite verses. I love Eugene Peterson's translation as he makes clearer, in today's language, what many biblical passages mean. Whenever I read it, the meaning of the verses come to life as if they jump in front of me. Love it! 

It's In The Waiting!

Galatians 6:7-10

7-8Don't be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, he will harvest. The person who plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others—ignoring God!—harvests a crop of weeds. All he'll have to show for his life is weeds! But the one who plants in response to God, letting God's Spirit do the growth work in him, harvests a crop of real life, eternal life.

 9-10So let's not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don't give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.

I want to harvest a crop of real life, eternal life! Sometimes we wonder when is the promise of God coming? Or at times we will ask ourselves is it even real? Questionings and doubts started to cloud our mind, which weakens our faith. Those lies and thoughts that are there conditioning our minds the promise isn't there at all! Good news??? Those are just lies! And we have the greatest ammunition against it - our mouth! Yes! As long as we keep it open, speaking the word of God, declaring the realness of God's word, we are victorious. See, it's in the waiting. The key is not getting tired and relaxing our strength on the promise of God, having faith that God is God, He never lies.   

Buwan Ng Wika

Gabby with schoolmate Phoebe (L)
Last month was my daughter's Buwan Ng Wika presentation in school. Grades 1 and 2 combined, danced the 'Maglalatik" gracefully.  It was truly entertaining and fun!

(also called Magbabao) depicts a fight between the Moros and the Christians over the latik (reduction left after the coconut milk has been boiled). The first two parts of the dance, the Palipasan and the Baligtaran, show the heated encounter between the two groups. The last two parts, the Paseo and the Sayaw Escaramusa, show their reconciliation. Those who represent the Moros wear red trousers and those who represent the Christians wear blue trousers. Circular coconut shells are attached to each dancer's back at the waist, and to their breasts and knees. Dancers also hold triangular formed coconut shells in each hand. This dance originated in BiñanLaguna

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Almost 3000 runners turned out on Sunday, July 11, 2010, to participate inRun4Life, Lifeline's first fundraising fun run. Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc, started by directors Jose Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the relief of the oppressed and the empowering of the victim-minded. Run4Life raised funds for Lifeline's various causes and initiatives. The Westgate lots were a hive of activity in the pre-dawn light as running enthusiasts, a large contingent of Muntinlupa's police officers, Lifeline volunteers, and a number of young children did their warm-up exercises, met with friends, families, and running groups, and in an atmosphere of excitement and friendly competition prepared for the largest race southern Manila has seen to date.
Proceeds of the race categories went towards a different program: the 3K run sponsored Lifeline's Satellite Schools program, an effort to make education available to street children; the 5K run supported the Patient of the Month, a means by which medical procedures are provided to help individuals overcome medical liabilities to help them become productive members of society; and the 10K run raised funds for Lifeline's Medical Missions, a monthly outreach activity to give back to policemen, tanods, teachers, and the other unsung heroes of our communities.

Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Taguig, City Police Force – June 27, 2010

Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc, under Directors Jose Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt, completed another medical mission, this time among the policemen of Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan on June 27, 2010. This year marks the most medical missions Lifeline has ever had, with our 5th medical mission for the year giving aid to servicemen representing the NCRPO - RPSB (National Capital Region Police Office - Regional Public Safety Management Batallion).

The said mission was attended by 257 participants, both policemen and their families combined, who were given free check-ups and valuable lectures about hypertension and good nutrition, along with free medicines and vitamins. Members of the NCRPO - RPSB and their families were assisted and received the utmost care from a 60-strong Lifeline team in attendance during that day.

The success of this mission was made possible by the help of Police Senior Superintendent Mario Espino - Batallion Commander with Major Ubaldo their Company Commander and with the assistance of Officer-In-Charge and Coordinator: Lt. Felixberto Kabil

Abra de Ilog Occidental Mindoro – May 28, 2010

Lifeline embarked on another successful Mangyan Medical Mission in Abra de Ilog on Friday, May 28. It has been one of the best Mangyan Missions we've ever had. Our team of 60 eager volunteers left Metro Manila on Thursday at 10:30 PM to begin our 6 hour travel to Occidental Mindoro. As soon as we reached Baranggay Udalo, everyone got down to business, efficiently getting down to our assigned posts and duties. It was such a pleasure to see more new faces and new volunteer doctors, nurses, and dentists who are willing to lend their abilities to help the Mangyans. Once the first Mangyan family arrived, everyone started working. Every Mangyan was able to get the medical help they need, from dental care to cough relief, de-worming and treatment for skin conditions.

It was uplifting to see how they were grateful and trusting towards the Lifeline team. Each smile lessened the tiredness of the volunteers. You could see the light in their eyes as they received medicine, appreciating the fact that we care for them. As we took care of each family and saw that they needed more, we were getting more ideas for the next Mangyan Mission; family planning education, for example. There are so many other ways we can help our brothers and sisters. We just have to take one step further and take action to reach out to them. Lifeline served 500 Mangyans – women and children in this particular mission. 

Barangay Immaculate Concepcion Cubao, Q.C. – August 1, 2010

 We held our Medical Mission on Sunday, August 1, 2010 at Barangay Immaculate Concepcion SB Park in Cubao, QC.--- our sixth for this year!

Giving back to 284 of this community's public servants and their families, we met their tanods, committee members, street sweepers, and local city government workers. Our medical team gave general check-ups and consultation, and distributed medicines and vitamins to the barangay members who came. Our health education focus for this outreach was Cervical Cancer awareness. A team of volunteers went around educating the 141 adult participants, especially heads of families. A de-worming station was also set up for the 140 children who came.

Kagawad member Mr. Lito Fernandez and his team were thankful for Lifeline's support and service. Meanwhile, great to see our family of volunteers and supporters growing: 70 volunteers - doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nursing students, pharmacists, educators, artists, young professionals, businessmen, parents, and children - came to help and serve the 281 individuals who came that day. One of Lifeline's thrusts is to spread the spirit of community and volunteerism, believing that each individual has the power to help bring change wherever they are. And when hands join together, the work gets done. We are only thankful for their support.

Putatan, Muntinlupa Police Force – April 25, 2010

On April 25, 2010, Sunday, almost a hundred volunteers gathered together at the Municipal Hall of Muntinlupa to educate and medicate almost 200 men and women of Muntinlupa's Police Force & their families, as well as Traffic Police Officers and other Municipal Workers. The medical mission started at 8am and ended at around 12 noon. As members of the police force were ushered to the different stations, they had their blood pressure checked, their medical complaints heard, and had received consultation and medication.

After visiting the different stations, head Lifeline doctor Erlyn Chua, spoke on the dangers of hypertension and on how to prevent this 'silent killer' from claiming more lives than it already has. It seems that the number one problem for Muntinlupa's police force is hypertension--it is imperative that they be educated on this concern. Dr. Chua debunked myths concerning hypertension and in five practical steps, explained how simple changes in habits can be incorporated into their lifestyle so that they can live healthier and longer lives.

Prevention is equally as important as fighting a disease--as it has been said in previous articles, a man who is sick won't be able to competently provide for his family and serve his community. Individuals should never be made to feel like they're helpless, only empowered. It was humbling to see these hardworking, uniformed individuals so apparently grateful, conversing with the volunteers and sharing their lives. We as citizens need to know that those serving our government can do their jobs effectively; in turn, these individuals also need to know that there are citizens who care enough to help them.


Calling ALL purpose-driven people to join RUN4LIFE! The Lifeline Foundation Fun Run scheduled on July 11, 2010 at The Serenity Place Westgate Center, Filinvest Corporate City Alabang Muntinlupa.

Put on your running shoes and join our Fun Run for a Cause. Achievers of 3km runnners contribute to the Satellite School Program, 5km runners to the Patient of the Month beneficiaries and 10km runners to the Medical Missions.

To learn more about our beneficiaries follow the links below:

Satellite School Program (3K): click here
Patient of the Month (5K): click here
Medical Missions (10K): click here

The on-site booth for Registration kits will be open between 4:00am to 5:30am before the start of the race. For the event Location Map: click here