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Why Do Roses Have Thorns?

Gabby asked me one time while we were driving back home from school why roses have thorns. I honestly told her I don't know the answer, but I will look it up then will get back to her. 

I found out that roses have thorns for protective function -- to protect itself from predators or animals seeking out sweet tasting plants. Roses grew originally in areas that had large numbers of herbivores or plant eating animals such as cows and rabbits. Rose foliage and flowers are sweet tasting that explains why it was an instant target. With thorns, they were likely to be eaten and therefore survived and reproduced. The sweetest smelling roses have the worst thorns.

Wow! Isn't it amazing? God's love and wisdom transcend all understanding. It is reflected in His creations. He takes care of His own. I am His creation. I am a reflection of His love and wisdom. He created the rose and intended it to be with thorns to protect itself from impending danger. If God takes care of the rose He will  definitely take care of me! Thank You Father!