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This Is Who We Are!

It was in July 2007 when I met a small church in Paranaque with Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt as leaders. In this church I met people from all walks of life - artists, teachers, engineers, musicians, doctors, nurses, plain housewives, architects, accountants, tattooed, singles, marrieds, children, teenagers -- and yet have one thing in common in their lives - JESUS! Bright. Light. Real. Conspicuous. Raw. True. Life. Passionate. Organic. Worshipper. Flawed. Jesus-Person. Saved. I was drawn to Jesus through them and got saved. This is my family. We live each day knowing this: Salvation is not about making mistakes or messing up rather, it is about how fast you get up from that mess and move forward. Oh, Thank You Father! This has kept my salvation so real through the years!  

We know our purpose is to glorify God. To glorify Him by taking part in the fulfillment of His great redemptive plan.  This includes making sure that His promises are being fulfilled in each of our lives. We recognize that there is so much more to our relationship as a family. God has called us to a higher purpose which is to bring people to Salvation, Healing Deliverance.  And we know that it is only to the extent that God's word  live in us that we are able to bring Him to remembrance of His word and have it perform in our lives.  We are doers. And this is what we live for: Faith. Love. Purpose. Mission. Truth. Action. Change.