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Standing in Faith

With Migs
Just came from a hospital to visit a very good friend whose 10 year old son, Migs was diagnosed with Rhabdoid Tumor in the urinary bladder in 2009 and have undergone surgeries and several chemotherapy. It is a rare and highly malignant tumor of childhood and considered an aggressive variant of Wilm's tumor of the kidney where it was first found in. But over time, it has also been found outside the kidney (brains, lungs, abdominal area, etc.) These tumors occur in young children with a range of 2 to 13 years, no reported cases in adults so far. Due to the aggressiveness of these tumors, the duration of symptoms before coming to medical attention is relatively short. The treatment for patients with rhabdoid tumor consists of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 

My friend's son was rushed to the hospital 4 days ago due to terrible pain around the pelvic. Prior to this, his PET/CT Scan showed that the size of the tumor has increased from 5.2 cm to 9.1 cm (in diameters) and some tumors were detected to have spread out at the walls of his bladder. Because of the size and location of the tumors, his doctors assessment is to remove the whole urinary bladder. However, he also recommended another chemotherapy to shrink the tumor first then re-evaluation for surgery will be done at a later time.

It was strengthening to see my friend and Migs standing in faith. They believe in God's healing and they are claiming it everyday. Before I left, she mentioned 40% is the survival rate of children with rhabdoid tumor. As I was leaving, what she mentioned kept on resounding on my mind. "40% is a thin chance of survival." I told myself.  I looked up, then I had to tell myself again,  "40% is all we need then! God will take care of the rest! " Then there was peace in my heart and in my soul.